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Elevate your consciousness one day at a time, one step at a time.  
Discover the true, happy, healthy you!

The future you!

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Create a more Conscious Lifestyle

Binary Spirituality Gold Membership is specifically designed to elevate your consciousness in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Binary Food

Weekly Online Plant Food Classes

Create a happier, healthier you.  

Discover food consciousness and learn delicious plant 🌱 based superfood recipes.  

Elevate your health and happiness one step at a time, one week at a time, one class at a time.


Step 2: Binary Meditation

Daily Online 1 Minute Meditations

Create a more focused, calmer you.  

Binary Meditation 7 phase technique is meditation for all to find your inner zen.

Discover the power of meditation and breathing to elevate your consciousness, restore your rhythm and increase happiness.   

Step 3: Binary Wisdom

Dairy Online Byte Size Wisdom Podcasts 

Create a life with purpose.  

Daily wisdom podcasts to connect with your true self. Discover the true meaning of living from the heart.

Give your life greater purpose and meaning. 

The Future Health & Happiness 

Introducing B|Light - a new measure of food consciousness directly related to health and happiness.  With our A.I. to measure your progress. The future of health!

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Full access to the Binary Spirituality Gold Membership 3 step program



Step 1: Binary Food - Weekly online vegan food classes - prepare your body!

Step 2: Binary Meditation - Daily 1 Minute Meditations - find your inner peace!

Step 3: Daily Wisdom Podcasts - discover the true you!


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  • Elevate consciousness
  • Enjoy Greater health today
  • Prepare your body for higher living
  • Discover your true nature and purpose 
  • Unity of your body soul and spirit 
  • Inner Peace and Harmony 
  • Increased happiness

Alanya Grace

Founder Binary Spirituality 

"Consciousness is the future you - connecting with our true higher selves, the source of health, happiness and creativity. I created Binary Spirituality to elevate consciousness in 3 simple steps for everyone to thrive - providing a connection of body, soul and spirit and preparation for life”