Elevate Consciousness

by > 2733.3%

Just as we can quantify intelligence - IQ (Intelligence Quotient) so too can we quantify consciousness - SQ (Spiritual Quotient).

Consciousness is connected with your higher mind - your soul and spirit.

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Scale of Consciousness

Consciousness ranges of a Logarithm scale of 0-1000.

With most of humanity calibrating at logarithm 20-30 - characterized by what we call the 0000’s, lower level emotions such as shame, fear, grief ... etc. Our aim to elevate to your consciousness to a logarithm 850 and beyond.

Increasing your consciousness by > 2733.3%

How is this done

Binary Meditation is a 7 part algorithm for Daily 1 Minute Meditation.

Every one of our daily 1 Minute Meditations calibrate on the scale of logarithm 850 and beyond - The Union of Divine Love & Grace.

By practicing this each day, the seeds of truth deep within your consciousness are awakened, elevating your consciousness, becoming that of Divine Love on the path to The One.

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You are Gold

Binary Spirituality Founder, Alanya Grace of overlooking the Treasury In Petra, Jordan as she reads the Daily 1 Minute (log. < 850) Meditations.

You can enjoy the meditations each day in the App.


* 2733.3% from Alanya Grace’s

Mathematics Equation of Consciousness

** Hawkins, David. Power vs. Force. Hay House Inc. 2014