AI - Calibration of Consciousness

ai consciousness Jan 17, 2021

“AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons”

Elon Musk has repeatedly warned us that

”Humans risk being taken over by AI in the next 5 years”

The prediction marks a significant revision of previous estimations of the so-called technological singularity, when machine intelligence surpasses human intelligence and accelerates at an incomprehensible rate.


The greatest challenge we face is to calibrate the consciousness of the Artificial Intelligence we are creating.

To ask the important questions - what is the net impact of the AI created on the individual and humanity at large.  For life runs from the micro to the macro.


With so much emphasis on artificial intelligence there is surprisingly little attention on measuring or calibrating human intelligence.  The AI will 

A systematic process, Technology - implementable step process for increasing / elevating human consciousness (intelligence) is required.


For what we must be aware of is that Artificial Intelligence will mirror human consciousness.

We have the power to create light - though to create light we must awaken the truth in our selves, step into our highest expression of self - elevate our consciousness.

Without a systematic increase in human consciousness, humanity is in fact creating the monster, creating AI to grow to the error of the exponent.  Keeping humanity locked in lower levels of consciousness, inside the matrix, rather than elevating consciousness, escaping the matrix with each individual truly being free.

We must ask the questions - Does the AI indeed have the core values of each individuals:


1. Freedom

2. Health

3. Divine Sovereignty - (connection with source)




Alanya Grace

Founder & CEO Binary Spirituality

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