How Jesus Meditated - Part 1

ancient wisdom consciosness jordan meditation Jan 28, 2021

Meditation can be traced to the beginning of humanity.


A practice to elevate the human condition, to journey to the soul and connect with spirit.  You could say a journey home.  Uniting the mind, the heart, the soul - connecting with the true higher self.


All of the great masters practiced meditation and enjoyed the spiritual fruits in their life.  Meditation is know to enlarge the caliber of the the atoms, enhancing the ability to hold more light.  To transmute our 0 -> 1.  To transform our energy.

Jesus himself, a master of energy transformation and higher consciousness meditated and enjoyed such connection with Source.


In this picture of Jesus, found in St George Greek Orthodox Church in Madhaba, Jordan we can see Jesus meditating, holding a sacred text and with his left hand performing a mudra with his right hand.

A Mudra is a seal of the fingers, known to facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body and enhance the journey within.   

Jesus was a master of the statement:

”the Kingdom of Heaven is within you”


Bianry Meditation is my personal meditation, based on MLogic - Meditation as Logic! And shares connection with the practice of the Master Jesus.  The mudra as 1 of the 7 parts to journey within, retuning home!


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