About Alanya Grace

Founder Binary Spirituality

Welcome to Binary Spirituality.  Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am Alanya Grace, an Author, Theologian and Computer Engineer.  I was born in Ireland and created Binary Spirituality to share my lifestyle and bring Ancient Wisdom into the Digital Age.

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I studied Theology and Philosophy at University of Oxford, Queen’s University Belfast, Harvard University and Computer Engineering at Imperial College London.

Personal Quest

My intellectual path began with a personal quest for truth.

To understand and know our purpose. To understand and know our true nature.  To return to first principles of source and answer the most basic questions:

Who am I?  What am I?   Why am I?

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Where Science and Spirit Meet

I am fascinated with the relationship of science and spirit together with how we can discover our true purpose and elevate our consciousness.

I am a raw vegan, endurance swimmer, love the color white (wearing white in itself is a meditation!) and meditate every day.

Love and Peace

I believe we were born to live in Love and Peace, each with unique gifts and a beautiful purpose.  

I believe we are all One!  From One Spirit!

Alanya Grace

Founder Binary Spirituality

“I am fascinated with the relationship between Science and Spirit.  I believe we were each born to live in love and peace, enjoy health and happiness and higher consciousness through a structured divine blueprint to elevate”

Elevate Now

Come, Join Me! Let your journey began.

Let’s Elevate Together!

With Love,

Alanya Grace

Founder & CEO Binary Spirituality 

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