A New Paradigm of Food Consciousness


Your Body is a Temple


B|Light introduces a new measure of food consciousness.  Moving from the traditional pradagmatic calorie way of think toward a new holistic measure.  Based on the Mhz of sunlight found in food - B|Light.

B|Light is a return to our essence.  With a direct relationship to our consciousness, health and high level sustainability.

Food consciousness marks a direct relationship to our consciousness.  We are what we eat and our body is a temple.  Home of the living, breathing spirit within us. 

Food Consciousness


The future of health is to found by increasing consciousness as health is a component of consciousness, therefore increasing consciousness is equated with increasing health. Let's begin with our body - B|Light.

We must create a way for a brighter, healthier, happier future for all!

The calorie paradigm is outdated focusing only on energy.  We are body, spirit and soul and our food must also sustain our emotions, spirituality, our vital essence and consciousness.

Let us B|Light!


To quote Nikola Tesla:
”To understand the mysteries of the universe we must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration".

B|Light is the new metric for high vibration foods. We are a mini version of the universe, all is within us. To B|Elevate our consciousness we must - be light - eat light - live light - breathe light.

We are all created in the image of God - this is our highest self. God created light!
Let us B|Light!

Alanya Grace

Founder Binary Spirituality LTD & Creator B|Light

"We are all created in the image of God - this is our highest, true self.  Let us eat light, let us create light, let us B|Light”

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