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Build a Conscious Corporate Culture

Binary Spirituality Corporate Workshops are designed for companies to build a conscious corporate culture from the top down, reduce stress and increase happinesses and elevate employees consciousness in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Binary Food

Food Consciousness - Plant Food Classes

Build a happier team.  

Discover food consciousness and learn delicious plant 🌱 based superfood recipes.  

Elevate the health and happiness of your employees.


Step 2: Binary Meditation

Daily 1 Minute Meditations

Build a more focused calmer team.  

Binary Meditation 7 phase technique is meditation for all to find the inner zen.

Discover the power of meditation and breathing to reduce stress and increase happiness.   

Step 3: Binary Wisdom

Introduction to Wisdom Reflections

Build a conscious company with purpose.  

Listen to wisdom reflections and connect with the true creative self. Discover the true meaning of working from the heart.

Give your employees greater purpose and meaning. 

The Future Employee Health & Happiness 

Introducing B|Light - a new measure of food consciousness directly related to health and happiness.  With our A.I. to measure your teams progress. The future of health!

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What we will cover in our Corporate Workshop


  • Founder, Alanya Grace’s personal journey of consciousness.
  • Her development of the Binary Spirituality 3 step system and philosophy.
  • Unity in your organization through conscious corporate culture.
  • Full introduction and training in the Binary Spirituality 3 step program.



Step 1: Binary Food - Food consciousness plant food classes - prepare your body!

Step 2: Binary Meditation - Daily 1 Minute Meditations - find your inner peace!

Step 3: Binary Wisdom - Introduction to wisdom reflections - discover the true you!

The power of the Now and how to B|Elevate.


Corporate Workshop -
4 week Zoom Online


Per Employee

Minimum 20 members

$2000 per team 


Corporate Workshop -
4 week in Person


Per Employee

Minimum 20 members

$8000 per team 


Our Workshop Benefits

  • Build a conscious corporate culture
  • Reduce employee stress - increase happiness
  • Unity in your company - structured thinking and living

Professor De Neuve

 University of Oxford

"Happy employees are 30% more productive”.